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1. Look at MacRumors Buyer’s Guides

Apple has a product release schedule that they follow, and the prices of current and old generation Apple products are directly influenced by this. You should check out MacRumors Buyer’s Guides to find out whether you should grab that new iPad right away or if it’s a good idea to wait.

How it works: If you see a red or yellow light over a product, it indicates that the product is due an update. Accordingly, sit tight and wait for the release. If you hold on just a bit longer, you’re sure to see price drops on the older version.

2. Buy previous generation Apple products after new generations are released (around Black Friday)

You can find older generation iPhones and iPads at a discount at stores like Costco, Target, Best Buy, and Walmart when Apple’s latest generation releases hit the shelves. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best times to look out for great deals. 

3. Save 5% extra (than at other retailers) when you buy AirPods at Target 

As of July 2020, second-generation AirPods were sold at major retailers for $140 (they’re normally $159.99). If you used a Target RedCard to shop at Target, you’d have saved a cool 5%, bringing the price down to $133 before tax ($7 in savings).

4. Trade in any old Apple product and get credit that can be used to purchase a new device. 

Using Apple’s awesome trade-in program, you can actually use the credit you receive to purchase a new Apple device. Alternatively, you can also get a gift card for trading in your old device. 

Take a look at what you can expect to receive when you trade in an old iPhone:

  • Up to $450 for an iPhone XS Max
  • Up to $280 for iPhone X
  • Up to $220 for iPhone 8 Plus
  • Up to $170 for iPhone 8
  • Up to $130 for iPhone 7 Plus
  • Up to $110 for iPhone 7
  • Up to $70 for iPhone 6s Plus
  • Up to $70 for iPhone 6s

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