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No matter what’s going on around the world right now, one thing is for sure—people will have to continue dealing with virtual learning as a result of COVID-19. Today, getting your kids ready for school means getting them new high-tech gear. No matter which grade they are in, they need a laptop or a tablet. That’s why we’ve done the research for you and made a list of some incredible deals on e-devices to help you save money on virtual learning during the pandemic:

Samsung Galaxy Book Ion 13.3” QLED 512GB Storage

This Samsung laptop, originally sold for $1,200, offers enough power and storage to help your kids work with ease. Its QLED display is unreal, and the price it’s being offered at right now is a real steal—$750.

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 13.3” QLED 512GB Storage (S Pen Included)

This offering from Samsung, which was worth $1,350, is both a laptop and tablet with a QLED display that’s better than what most televisions have. What’s more, you can currently get it for $900, which is a pretty good deal.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0″ 32GB

This tablet is not just easy on the pocket ($150) but also functions smoothly. It’s a good option for school and is currently on sale for $130.

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex α 13.3” QLED 256GB Storage

This one’s more budget-friendly and a great option if your kids don’t need plenty of storage space. Aside from the difference in storage capacity, this laptop is just as good as the others mentioned here. This $850-worth laptop is available for $400 right now.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 128GB Oxford Gray (S Pen included)

If you’re looking to purchase a tablet that allows you to do high-end work, then this $430-worth one’s for you. It also has a child-friendly design, scoring brownie points in that department as well. It’s currently on sale for $355.

Hurry up and make the most of these deals while they last!

Note: The above-mentioned prices and deals may have changed since the time of writing this article. 

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