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How does Skyscanner get the rates they display? Which airlines and travel agencies are they associated with? Is it a travel search engine? We’ve answered these questions below to help you get the most out of Skyscanner for your next trip. 

Is Skyscanner a search engine?

Skyscanner is a travel search engine that scours the web for as many global airline, hotel, and car rental deals. It provides you with multiple travel choices and deals, but the reservations are to be made directly with the airline or travel provider. Unlike other travel agencies, Skyscanner does not book your travel, it only helps you to compare prices.

Where does Skyscanner get all the prices from?

Skyscanner has direct partnerships with online travel agencies, airlines, hotels, and car rental companies compared to any other travel search platform. The company also uses its own technology, which enables Skyscanner to efficiently scan the internet and provide you with the best travel deals.

Why is Skyscanner free?

The rate displayed on Skyscanner is the price on the airline’s website. Once you find the deal of your choice, Skyscanner connects you to the airline or travel agency to make your reservation directly with them. After that, the partner pays Skyscanner a nominal referral fee. 

How do I book through Skyscanner?

Just enter the location where you want to go and Skyscanner will display the best deals for you. On clicking the green ‘Select’ button, you will be redirected to the online travel agency, airline, hotel, or car rental company’s website, where you can complete your booking. Keep in mind that Skyscanner doesn’t hold your booking confirmation or details, and any amendments must be made through the booking site.

Does Skyscanner have a mobile app?

Yes! You can download Skyscanner’s app on your phone to quickly search for flights, hotels, and car rentals and find the best deals.

Why should I use Skyscanner instead of the many other travel sites?

One of the main reasons to choose Skyscanner is that you get multiple travel options in one place. It’s a great option if you want to save time and money. The price you see on Skyscanner is the final price you pay, there are no hidden taxes or fees. To find the best prices you can use their helpful tools, including the map, everywhere search, and whole month search.

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