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Memorial Day weekend may signal the unofficial beginning of the summer season, but June is when retailers offer the best deals. There’s, after all, a lot to celebrate in June, from Father’s Day to Splurge Day! Ready to do some shopping? Here’s a look at some of the best things to buy this month. 

1. PC Games: Gaming enthusiasts will find amazing deals during the Steam Summer Sale. This year’s sale will likely start off around June 25th and run till the beginning of July. This is one sale you shouldn’t miss, given that retailers knocked off about 90% of the price of many titles during the 2019 sale; in fact, some titles were priced as low as 99 cents. 

2. Spring clothes: What better time than June to stock up on layering essentials. A lot of stores will likely offer deals of up to 50% off, so make sure to check your favorite clothing stores and online for deals. Don’t forget to pick up warm-weather footwear as well!

3. Lingerie: Thanks to the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale, June is, perhaps, the best time to buy new lingerie. This year, we expect the event to take place at the beginning of June and last a few weeks. Discounts will likely change as time goes on. In the past, we’ve seen the retailer offering discounts ranging between 25% and 60%, along with free shipping if you order over $100. 

4. Workout gear: If you are working out, make sure to get new activewear this month. We expect retailers, like Lululemon and Macy’s, to offer incredible discounts. You can also look for deals online. 

5. Air conditioners: Want to buy a new air conditioner to keep yourself cool during summer? Buy one for your home this month. Whatever your needs and budget, we’re sure you’ll find a good deal that won’t break the bank. 

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