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Make no mistake – the must-have summer accessory is not something you can wear; it’s something with which you can spend innumerable hours drifting in the pool! Yes, we’re talking about pool floats – something that has become quite the “it” item of late. Check out some of the most popular pool floats right now. 

1. Kai Pool Float: There’s no better way to spend those summer days than by lounging on this amazing bean bag type pool float that is sure to make you feel relaxed in no time at all. 

2. Cat-Mermaid Pool Float: This cat-mermaid hybrid pool float is insanely cute with its printed scaly tail and kitty face. With this one, we’re sure you’ll have the most standout pool float in the water. 

3. Inflata-Bull Pool Float: The rodeo is here! Designed with handles on the side, your friends can really make it challenging for you to stay on top of this inflatable bull pool float. But, it’s super durable, so it will last a long time. 

4. Inflatable Pickle Float: Love pickles? Then, why not surprise your friends during the next pool party with this pickle-shaped pool float? It’s 36 inches long and is highly rated by reviewers on Amazon. 

5. Watermelon Island: We know watermelon is the perfect summer snack, but did you know it also makes for a nice pool float? This inflatable, watermelon-shaped float is so large that two people can comfortably sprawl out on it. 

6. PoolCandy Deluxe Illuminated Pool Raft: Like swimming in the dark? Well, now you can have a lot of fun doing it with this pool float that lights up in 5 different colors. 

7. Angel Wings Pool Float: Get this Insta-worthy pool float that is modeled after one of the most popular art pieces that took over the country, to really stand out! We’re sure you’ll look pretty terrific with it!

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