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Here are some budget-friendly ways of beautifying your backyard landscape this spring:

Reuse old tires

Getting rid of tires can be difficult, given their bulkiness and waste haulers’ hesitation in accepting them. Recycled tires are easy to find and inexpensive. 

How to landscape with recycled tires

– Create decorative planters by stacking and staggering tires.

– Use a tire as the base for a garden pond.

– Make a recycled tire climber and give your kids a fun place to play.

Use mulch alternatives

Mulching reduces the amount of weeding and water your garden needs. However, mulch is expensive. Some low-cost mulch alternatives are:


Shredded leaves are a great, cost-effective alternative to mulch and provide nutrients to your plants.

Grass clippings

Rake up the grass clippings and savings from mowing the lawn and spread them on your flower beds.

Pine needles

Pine needles are lightweight, easy to spread, and relatively low-maintenance compared to mulch.

Choose vertical gardening

Vertical gardens use less space and are budget-friendly, especially if you use recycled materials like old plastic bottles to make them. Some DIY vertical garden ideas include:

Creating a succulent garden by reusing a picture frame.

– Waterproofing an unused shoe organizer for a mobile vertical garden.

– Using terracotta pots, some wire, and a wooden ladder for a rustic front porch vertical garden.

Plant useful plants

Grow herbs and vegetables in your backyard to reduce grocery costs during summer. From bug-repellant plants to DIY herb gardens, with the correct placement and some terracotta planters, you can transform your backyard into a beautiful and functional space.

Plant a tree

Planting trees is the easiest and cheapest backyard budget landscaping project. You only need the tree, some mulch, and a few digging tools. Having well-planned trees in your backyard can save you money in the long run.

Add some color

Adding a splash of color can make your backyard pop. To do this, you could repaint plastic/metal/wooden chairs or planters in your garden for a more contemporary look. Moreover, consider adding foliage or flowers and placing them on a deck, patio, tucked into a planting bed, or at an entryway.

Use these ideas to liven up your backyard without blowing up your budget.

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